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Basic Variable Rate


Basic Variable Rate


Low interest rates, no on-going fee. This loan will save you thousands. Plus you can borrow up to 90% LVR + LMI!


 Loan Purpose  Rate (pa)  Comp. Rate (pa)
 Owner Occupying    4.08%  4.11%
 Investment       4.21%  4.24%



Key Facts

Application fee $399

Nil valuation fee

Nil on-going fee

Max LVR 90% plus LMI


Main Features

For purchasing and refinancing

Unlimited / free additional repayment

Unlimited / free redraw




Variable interest rate changes throughout loan term with market. Most of home loans in Australia are variable.

Variable rate loan borrowers expose themselves to market interest rate changes. When interest rate is in downward trend, borrowers of variable rate loan will enjoy lower rate, while pay more interest when rate is moving upwards. Variable rate is generally more flexible than fixed rates, such as unlimited repayment and redraws. Some variable rate loans also have additional features such as offset account.

Generally speaking, you can consider variable rate if you need flexibility of the loan, such as additional repayment and redraw. And if selling the property in near future is in your mind, you may need to use variable rate.

Choosing a loan that is right for you can be complicated. Let our lending manager help you make a good decision.

If you make additional repayments on top of regular repayment, you accumulate redraw credit in your loan account. When required, you can take the money in loan account up to this redraw credit amount. This is redraw. 

Redrawing money from loan account is usually transfer money from loan account to your nominated bank account, through online banking. 

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Comparison rates are culculated based on loan amount $150,000 over 25 year term. They may not truly reflect your situation. Contact us to find out the true borrowing cost for for your requirements.